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Saudi Arabia’s fifth housing and population census starts

Saudi Arabia's fifth housing and population census starts

Saudi Arabia has begun work on the actual counting and data collection stage of the “Census 2022,” the country’s fifth census, with the participation of more than 30,000 field researchers and a variety of options, including the first-ever digital census and self-enumeration, which allows citizens and residents to participate in it electronically.

Before the end of the year, the Statistics Authority plans to provide preliminary data.

Faisal Al-Ibrahim, Minister of Economy and Planning and Chairman of the Authority’s Board of Directors, said that the “2022 census” will be the first digital in Saudi Arabia’s history, moving away from paper forms and toward digital forms programmed on tablets.
With up to 90% accuracy, you can go from typical chart graphics to satellite imagery and data.

Al-Ibrahim stated that they strive to offer accurate and trustworthy statistical data as a foundation for planning and development, decision-making, economic and social policy formulation, and the creation of various sector strategies.

The census will contribute to realizing the goals of “Vision 2030” and planning for a brighter future.

He emphasized that the authority adhered to the highest international standards and employed the most up-to-date procedures and methods to create reliable statistical data by combining and integrating various administrative records data and statistical census data.

Dr. Konrad Besendorfer, the authority’s CEO, affirmed that the “2022 census” will usher in a new era of statistical knowledge in Saudi Arabia, describing it as an “unusual digital census” that will offer extensive data and information to planners and policymakers.

In collaboration with UN experts and various government agencies, the Statistics Authority developed the census form based on the best international standards and practices in population censuses in use in the G20 countries and member countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

The census’ preliminary results are expected to be released and made accessible to the public and private sector decision-makers and academics before the end of 2022, following the conclusion of data gathering procedures to assure its quality and accuracy.

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