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Saudi Commerce Ministry unveils 10 urgent measures to address cars delivery delay

Saudi Commerce Ministry unveils 10 urgent measures to address cars delivery delay

Saudi Commerce Ministry announced 10 urgent measures to address car delivery delays, according to the Saudi Press Agency, “SPA”.

Following consultation with the Ministry of Interior, the Zakat and Customs Authority, and car dealerships, the ministry has taken the following measures:

1- The Ministry of Commerce works with manufacturers to enhance the percentage of the most popular cars in the Saudi market that is allocated to the Kingdom.

2- Car dealerships prioritize offering the most requested cars to individual consumers and minimize the number of cars allocated to distributors and showrooms.

3- Keeping an eye on distributors and showrooms to verify that no illegal or detrimental activities are being used to sell cars, raise prices, or impose penalties on violators.

4- Managing reservation lists at car agencies and increasing transparency by assigning consumers reservation numbers that are linked to their identification numbers and establishing accurate priority in automobile reservation lists.

5- Requiring car dealerships to publish the required prices, policies, instructions, and procedures on their websites;

6- Enable the consumer to reserve one car of the same type during the current year for the most popular cars until the end of the reservation lists.

7- To prevent car rental companies from selling new cars to take advantage of high costs, and to ensure that only clients hire cars.

8- Hasten the implementation of an electronic link between the Ministry, the Zakat, Tax, Customs Authority, the General Traffic Department, and car agencies and showrooms to track car sales and monitor any illegal transactions or practices.

9- Creating a working group consisting of specialized representatives from each of the following: (The Ministry of Interior represented by the General Traffic Department, the Ministry of Commerce, and the Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority) to monitor illegal transactions and practices and take appropriate action.

10- Intensifying inspection and control work, and continuous follow-up on car dealerships, distributors, and showrooms, in coordination with the competent authorities.

The Ministry of Commerce stressed the importance of the role of the consumer and his awareness of his rights and duties, and the importance of his contributions to monitoring any commercial practices or violations.

 It urged him / her to inform the ministry through the unified call center on the number (1900) or through the application of “commercial communication” on smart devices.

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