Saudi Arabia witnessing an unprecedented severe cold wave

The Saudi climate professor, Abdullah Al-Misnad, head of the Climatic Case Nomenclature Committee, revealed the details of the cold wave that the Kingdom is witnessing these days, predicting the weather in the coming days.

Through a telephone intervention on the “Tawasol Al-Risala” program, Abdullah Al-Misnad said: “This cold wave is usual like these times; it is not a rare wave.

He also advised postponing visits and breaks at present.

Al-Misnad clarified his expectations that “the temperatures will begin to rise gradually until the end of the week, a period that may witness a new drop in temperatures, at rates lower than the current ones,”

He noted that the “Qurbaniya season” ended, and now in the seventh day of Shabbat, and in the middle of next February, the “Scorpions” season will enter.

He added, “We are enjoying this cold weather while taking the necessary needs.”

On his account on “Twitter”, the head of the Climatic Nomenclature Committee expected that “the temperature will remain lower than its annual average for this day of the year.”

He explained, “It is expected that the temperature will begin to gradually rise day after day during this week, and then decrease again at the end of the week less severely and intensely than the current cold wave.”

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