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Saudi Arabia tops the list of top countries in promoting patient safety

The International Medicines Regulatory Alliance (ICMRA) held its semi-annual meeting, in the presence of the CEO of the Food and Drug Authority, Dr. Hisham Al-Jadhi, and the heads of drug regulatory authorities around the world numbered more than 30 regulatory authorities.

The meeting revealed an increase in publishing and the number of media coverage globally among the member states of the Alliance, and the Kingdom topped the list of countries with the highest number of articles published, followed by Italy and the United States of America.

 This enhances the authority’s ability to achieve its goals related to human safety and public health, in pursuit of what Vision 2030 set in strengthening the Kingdom’s position at the international level and achieving leadership in all fields.

In her speech, the CEO of the European Medicines Agency, Imer Cook, referred to the positive results of the outcomes of the periodic meetings with members of the International Alliance.

 Mrs. Cook urged the continued strengthening of cooperation and efforts between global regulatory bodies to support the achievement of the goals of the alliance, whose importance was evident during the pandemic and crises.

During the meeting, the working groups were introduced to the aim of strengthening dialogue and exchanging reliable scientific information, sharing monitoring work, and transferring expertise among the members of the international alliance.

 On the other hand, the Coordinating Committee for Near East Countries in the Codex Alimentarius Commission held its first informal meeting via video communication, chaired by the Kingdom represented by the Food and Drug General Authority to follow up on new actions with member states and to enhance communication and cooperation in the region.

 The meeting focused on discussing the latest developments in the work plan of the Near East Coordinating Committee, the communication plan between the countries of the region, several issues related to “Codex”, reviewing the draft electronic working groups, and preparations for the celebration of the World Food Safety Day.

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