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Saudi Arabia tied with Palestine in the 2021 Arab Cup

Saudi Arabia tied with Palestine in the 2021 Arab Cup

Saudi national squad and its Palestinian counterpart tied 1-1 in the second round of the Arab Football Cup, which is presently being contested in Qatar.

Palestinian team proceeded after Muhammad Rashid scored in the second minute of overtime in the first half, while the Saudi team tied in the 81st minute through Abdullah Al-Hamdan.

The two teams earned their first point in the tournament’s current edition.

The game began on a weak note, but the Palestinian team quickly asserted dominance over the game’s outcome.

The two goals, though, posed little significant threat because the game was limited to the midfield.

Gradually, the Saudi team attempted to blend into the match’s atmosphere, seeking to match the Palestinian team in terms of ball control.

In the second minute of stoppage time for the match, Muhammad Rashid blasted a powerful strike from outside the penalty area to hug his ball into the net, allowing the Palestinian team to advance.

When a long ball reached Haitham Asiri on the right side of the penalty area, he passed the ball to Abdullah Al-Hamdan, who met it with a strong shot to embrace his net in the 81st minute, the Saudi team equalized.

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