Saudi Arabia suspends entertainment places in shopping malls

The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs issued to all the municipalities and municipalities in the various regions and govern-orates of the Kingdom, a decision to continue stopping all public social events, including receiving mourning and holding wedding parties and weddings and their rulings, in all wedding halls and halls temporarily, and obligating the owners of these facilities to adhere to that.

This came within the preventive measures and precautionary measures taken by the Kingdom to control the new Corona virus (Covid 19), reduce the risks of its spread, and ensure protection and safety of all segments of society, in response to health authorities’ instructions to address the spread of respiratory infections, especially in a crowded and closed environment.

According to the Saudi Press Agency, “SPA”, the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs stressed the application of precautionary health measures to prevent the spread of this virus, which is related to sterilization and ventilation in places where food and drinks are provided and the like.

The Ministry also directed the temporary closure of all places designated for games and recreational activities in and outside shopping malls.

The Ministry stressed the intensification of city cleaning works, by lifting waste containers first and then sterilizing them, and adherence of workers to uniforms and personal hygiene, and wearing gloves, masks and special masks.

The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs also stressed the importance of intensifying environmental sanitation work, through daily cleansing and sterilization of gardens, parks, markets, toilets and all public places.

The Ministry also launched a campaign to educate employees of the municipal sector about the Corona virus, and ways to transmit it, prevent it and limit its spread.

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