Number of people infected with Corona virus in the world exceeds 150,000

Statistical information shows that, as of Sunday, the number of confirmed cases of the newly infected Corona virus “Covid-19” in the world exceeded 150,000.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, based in the United States, the number of people infected with corona globally so far is at least 156,400 people, with 5,833 deaths due to the epidemic that started spreading in late December from the Chinese city of Wuhan.

According to university data, 73,968 people worldwide have recovered from the emerging virus.

China remains the largest focus of the virus in the world, with 80,995 cases and 3,203 recorded deaths, followed by Italy (21,157 cases and 1,441 deaths), Iran (12,729 cases and 611 deaths), South Korea (8,086 cases and 72 deaths) and Spain (6,391 cases and 196 deaths).

Germany (4585 cases and nine deaths), France (4,481 cases and 91 deaths), the United States (2,952 cases and 57 deaths), Switzerland (1,359 cases and 13 deaths), and the United Kingdom (1143) Injury and 21 deaths).

In the Arab world, Qatar remains the largest outpost of the virus, with 337 confirmed cases, without deaths.

In Russia, to date, 59 cases of the virus have been recorded without deaths.

The number of people infected with the Corona virus in the world exceeded one hundred thousand people on the sixth of this March.

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