Saudi Arabia Provides Flying Taxi Service for Pilgrims’ Requests

The Minister of Transport, Engineer Saleh Al-Jasser, announced the provision of new and innovative services to pilgrims this year, including the “flying taxi” service and the order delivery service. It aims to improve the pilgrims’ experience and facilitating their transportation during the Hajj season.

Al-Jasser explained, in a conference to review the transportation system plan during the Hajj season, that the “flying taxi” service will allow pilgrims to move quickly and easily between different locations. This will also contribute to reducing crowding and saving time and effort.

He pointed out that “the order delivery service will help pilgrims obtain their needs easily without having to leave their places.”

As part of improving infrastructure, the Minister of Transport announced the use of a new technology in road paving for the first time in the Kingdom, which is mixing rubber with asphalt.

Al-Jasser explained, “This technology aims to provide greater comfort for pilgrims while walking, as the roads paved in this way provide a smoother and more flexible surface, which reduces foot fatigue and helps prevent slipping.”

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