NEOM establishes the first transport network by flying vehicles

NEOM has announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding with Volocopter to form a firm that would design, build, and manage NEOM’s first on-demand vertical public transportation system.

The joint venture combines air taxi and logistical services with the NEOM public transportation system, which is multimodal and emission-free.

The new firm will be the only operator of NEOM’s principal public transportation routes, enabling the EVTOL system for electric landing and take-off services, as well as providing vertical mobility services such as logistics, emergency transportation, and tourism.

NEOM has announced that it has placed an order for 15 Volocopter aircraft, which will begin flying in two to three years.

The collaboration between NEOM and Volocopter, the world’s leading company in urban air mobility, will result in the design and development of a fully three-dimensional public transportation system, as well as the development of technical, organizational, and infrastructure solutions for the EVTOL system for electric vertical mobility services across NEOM.

The joint venture will offer vertical mobility services as part of NEOM’s multimodal public transportation system, with zero emissions and a seamless network for people and products.

“Volocopter is a global leader in innovation and a specialist in the EVTOL industry in the electric mobility sector,” explained Florian Lennert, and this partnership represents the most appropriate option to achieve our ambitious goals of creating the world’s first integrated, seamless, and sustainable public transportation system.”

Volocopter and NEOM have agreed on an initial purchase of ten VoloCity passenger aircraft and five VoloDrone logistical aircraft to support early flight operations, according to Florian Lennert.

The joint venture is planned to begin increasing its activities in early 2022 AD, to embrace the region’s urban air mobility UAM movement and create a vertical mobility ecosystem. This relationship exemplifies NEOM’s ambition to serve as a living laboratory for future mobility and a center of excellence in vertical electric mobility services innovation and industry.

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