Saudi Arabia provides Corona vaccine for those over 70 at home

The Saudi Ministry of Health revealed the provision of Corona vaccine service for the age group “70 years and over” in their homes.

This step is considered to preserve the health and safety of the elderly and to spare them the hassle of going to the vaccination centers to obtain the vaccination.

The ministry explained that this service will be provided by qualified medical staff, in a manner that guarantees the provision of health care for this category while they are in the family environment.

It is worth noting that, since the start of the national campaign to vaccinate with the Corona vaccine, the Ministry of Health has targeted the elderly among the priority groups for vaccination.

The Ministry of Health has also launched a “priority” service, through which rapid vaccination of all elderly citizens is available without registration, appointment, or waiting, directly by visiting the nearest vaccination center in all regions of Saudi Arabia.

One dose is not enough

The official spokesman for the Saudi Ministry of Health, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdali, confirmed that the epidemiological curve is witnessing a noticeable decrease in the registration of cases in Saudi Arabia during this period.

He pointed out that the delta mutant is the most prevalent globally and is considered the most alarming mutant due to its rapid spread. He stressed that two doses are required to achieve protection from its complications and not be satisfied with one dose.

He also indicated during the press conference held today, that the Delta mutant is present in Saudi Arabia, and that all mutagens are closely followed through genetic sequencing.

Injuries 60% of females

The official spokesman for the Ministry of Health stated that 60% of HIV-infected cases are female.

He reported that the number of Corona vaccine doses reached 3,1785,117 doses given in Corona vaccine centers in all regions of the Kingdom, which number exceeds 587 centers.

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