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Saudi Arabia evacuates its diplomatic post in Kabul

All members of the Saudi expedition arrived safely in their homes, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia withdrew members of its diplomatic mission from Afghanistan on Sunday due to the present and unpredictable situation in the country.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced in a statement that all members of the Kingdom’s embassy had been evacuated from Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital.

It also announced that all members of the operation had returned home safely.

The decision was made in light of recent events in Afghanistan, particularly when the Taliban organization seized the capital, Kabul, and took control of the city’s government within hours after security troops left.

After the security centers were cleared of their members, the movement ordered its warriors to enter Kabul under the guise of “preventing theft,” verifying the security of police stations, Kabul University, and the Ministry of Education.

Furthermore, the Afghan president departed the country by helicopter on Sunday afternoon, escorted by the National Security Adviser, and a top official in the Afghan Interior confirmed the story, although the Afghan presidency underlined that Ghani’s travels could not be revealed for security reasons.

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