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Saudi Arabia, Poland Discuss Product Safety

In a significant step toward bolstering product safety, Saudi Arabia’s Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) engaged in crucial discussions with the Veterinary Inspectorate of Poland’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Dr. Hisham bin Saad Al Jadhey, the CEO of SFDA, hosted a delegation, further exploring the facets of mutual trade and simplifying bilateral procedures. This meeting, also attended by trade attaché Sulaiman Al Humaidan, explored important trade exchanges and facilitated procedures between the two nations.

Ensuring Product Safety & Quality in Meat Exports

The two sides discussed the recent lifting of the ban on a Polish establishment after fulfilling the SFDA’s safety requirements. The Polish side showcased its protocols to ensure meat safety and disease prevention in their exports. Thus is a significant matter for maintaining animal wealth health.

It was clarified that the import of live animals adheres to policies set by Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture, while policies for processed meats fall under the SFDA’s jurisdiction.

Upcoming Workshops and Future Collaborations

The discussions focused on measures ensuring the safety and disease-free status of meat, a critical aspect for both entities. Discussions ensued about lifting bans on provinces as dictated by the World Organisation for Animal Health, particularly concerning disease-stricken or disease-free regions affecting livestock wealth.

A consensus was reached to host workshops for Polish businessmen in Riyadh in the first quarter of 2024. This initiative aims to acquaint them with product registration processes and ensure that exports to Saudi Arabia align with the SFDA’s approved guidelines, safeguarding product safety comprehensively.

This collaboration reflects a shared commitment to upholding rigorous safety standards in their respective products, thus fostering a conducive environment for thriving bilateral trade.

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