Al-Qassim Chamber to Launch “Commercial Franchise” Forum

The Al-Qassim Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with the General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises “Monsha’at,” will launch the “Commercial Franchise Forum in Buraidah.” Set to unfold next Wednesday at the Chamber’s headquarters in Buraidah, the forum promises participation from numerous business leaders and franchise owners.

Aiming to Elevate Awareness & Understanding

Nayef Al-Mansleh, Director of Events and Marketing at the Al-Qassim Chamber, elucidates that the forum is designed to bolster the role of commercial franchising in Saudi Arabia’s economic growth. Additionally, it seeks to uplift awareness and acquaint attendees with services, programs, and initiatives in this realm.

Specialized Workshops & Consultative Sessions

The forum will feature various specialized workshops and consultative sessions, complementing the ongoing efforts by “Monsha’at” to foster and develop this sector. The event aims to ensure the sustainability and prosperity of this industry, opening new horizons for investors and entrepreneurs to expand and grow their businesses. Consequently, this is expected to generate numerous job opportunities and enhance the commercial and investment business environment.

Al-Qassim Chamber of Commerce is an integral part of the Saudi Arabian economic structure, focusing on promoting and representing the interests of the business community in the region. The chamber facilitates various initiatives, forums, and workshops to catalyze the business sector’s growth and ensures that the region provides a conducive environment for businesses and investments.

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