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Culinary Arts Authority launches the popular food project in Jeddah

The Saudi Culinary Arts Authority opened the “Folk Food Project“, which includes 18 exhibitors of various cuisines, in the Arbaeen Park in Jeddah Al-Balad.


This aims to provide spaces for tasting, discovering flavors, and entertainment.

The project also gives opportunities for food entrepreneurs through a designated area with fixed Suites.

The Culinary Arts Authority seeks, through the launch of the “Popular Food Project”, to enhance the food identity of the Kingdom.

it also attracts the sector concerned with food and hospitality to participate, and motivate individuals and productive families.

The project achieves a variety of experiences with old experiences and new experiences in the world of food through 18 kiosks.

The “Popular Food Project” is a sustainable experience that stimulates providers of traditional foods and develops the investment environment in foods.


Through this project, the Culinary Arts Authority is working to attract investors in popular foods and contribute to the development of their businesses.

The authority grants workers on the project a popular food license to enhance their presence in the heritage and tourist areas of the main cities.

In this way, the authority provides the best experience for tourists and visitors in the Kingdom and raises the level of community awareness about popular foods.

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