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Saudi Arabia participates in the G20 Parliament Summit

The Saudi Shura Council will participate in the seventh summit meetings of the heads of parliaments of the G20, which will begin on Friday in the Italian capital, Rome. It will be hosted by the Italian Parliament in collaboration with the Inter-Parliamentary Union under the title “Parliaments for the People, the Globe, and Prosperity,” with a delegation led by Shura Council Speaker Abdullah Al-Sheikh.

The heads of parliaments of the G20 countries are expected to discuss strengthening the response to the economic crisis caused by the global challenge represented by the Corona pandemic. They are also going to consider the revival of economic growth in terms of social and environmental sustainability, and food security sustainability after the pandemic’s effects and consequences.

Al-Sheikh emphasized the Kingdom’s critical global role at the political and economic levels, highlighting the Kingdom’s significant efforts in leading the world toward greater reassurance and stability during its presidency of the G20 summit last year, which coincided with the Corona pandemic and the devastation it caused.

He explained, “The global challenge of the Corona pandemic, which coincided with the Kingdom’s presidency of this group last year, contributed to strengthening the Kingdom’s position in the world’s largest economic group. It also reflected the kingdom’s strength, influence, and ability to lead the global solution, politically and economically, making it a party influential in making global economic and development policies, and a key element in contributing to the building of a stronger and more prosperous world.”

The Chairman of the Shura emphasized the importance of the parliamentarians’ role in pushing for more efforts to keep pace with the G20‘s work through their continuous meetings, through their councils and parliaments, based on their legislative and oversight roles. Parliamentary sessions are significant because they raise and discuss concerns and needs that affect the people.

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