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10 million riyals loss of Saudi applications due to the malfunction of WhatsApp, Instagram

The breakdown of the WhatsApp and Instagram programs caused a loss of around 10 million riyals in electronic businesses in the Kingdom within 6 hours, after the malfunction prompted the termination of the fundamental means of contact with those stores.

The number of outlets registered with a known service reached over 100,000 by the end of 2020, with an anticipated number of proprietors earning between 100 and 500 riyals per day.

The abrupt breakdown brought their work to a standstill, delaying numerous orders, delivery, and payment, as well as canceling orders and causing the store to lose money.

Abdullah Al-Youssef, the owner of three online businesses, said to Al Watan newspaper that his company just launched a website for retailers to aggregate all of the items that he sells through social media platforms, all of which began with the Instagram app and grew in popularity thanks to it.

«The simultaneous failure of both applications paralyzed stores, halting customer orders and delaying the delivery of a large number of orders, as none of the stores were able to meet the minimum daily income of 100 riyals as a result of the failure, and this alerted people to the importance of diversifying the applications that they rely on in electronic stores, especially those that began through communication platforms, and activating site security”. Abdullah Al-Youssef added.

Hanadi Al-Nasser, the owner of an online cooking and bakery store, was certain that she had suffered a significant loss, not only in terms of her daily income but also in terms of the products that she had prepared in advance and marketed to her customers through her store, noting that she makes precise calculations daily to avoid loss, as any increase in supply can result in her daily net profit being lost.

She set a daily income goal of 200-500 riyals from confirmed bookings and orders she would show for direct delivery, as well as booking orders for the following days, which were for parties or social events and required delivery at a particular time.

While she uses WhatsApp for communication, she stated that she had not planned for technical issues that would influence and interrupt her whole job and that she had begun looking for alternate marketing strategies to employ in the case of technical issues or account difficulties.

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