‘Naseem-Al-Bahr 13’ – Pakistan Navy kicks off bilateral exercise

The mixed bilateral naval exercise “Naseem Al Bahr 13” was launched in Pakistan on Tuesday between the Saudi and Pakistani navies, with the participation of the Saudi Air Force, for the first time in this series of exercises.

The commander of the exercise, Rear Admiral Sager Al-Enezi, confirmed that the maneuvers include all dimensions of naval operations, such as air, surface and subsurface wars, electronic warfare, and mine warfare, indicating that many assumptions and formations will be implemented for naval units, as well as exercises on ships while sailing, and the implementation of shooting with ammunition, live and missiles for naval ships and air force fighters.

The participation of the Saudi Air Force comes with F-15SE aircraft and is implementing air-to-surface missile firing on naval targets.

It is noteworthy that the Air Force’s support in the “Bahr Breeze 13” exercise is for training to enhance and support the naval military strategy of the Navy in all theaters of its operations in the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf and the Arabian Sea.

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