Saudi Arabia opens the largest camel hospital in the world

By Marwa Mahmoud

Dozens of camels receive basic treatment at Al Salam Veterinary Hospital departments; it also includes more specialized departments and more diverse services.

The hospital, located near the city of Buraidah in the central Qassim region, was established in July 2020, with investments amounting to 137 million Saudi riyals (36.5 million dollars).

The center was established on an area of ​​70 thousand square meters, which prompted some to describe it as the largest center in the world for the treatment of camels.

The hospital provides basic medical care, but also provides treatment for chronic and infectious diseases, as well as surgeries and x-rays for camels.

Fahad Al-Fahad, CEO of Al-Salam Camel Hospital, said, “The investment of 137 million riyals in the Camel Hospital did not come out of nowhere, because of the importance of this creature, which is dear to ourselves and  our ancestors.

 Camels did not receive decent medical care regarding veterinary and develop research such as cows and horses. We seek to advance this creature and educate the whole world about the importance of this creature to us.

The hospital also focuses on research and development related to camel breeding and fertilization processes, and it has a specialized department for embryo transfer technology.

Previously, camel owners and dealers in the Qassim region would travel up to 655 kilometers to treat their camels.

It is worth noting that Qassim includes the largest camel market in the world.

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