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SAUDI ARABIA: No deaths from corona virus yet

The Saudi Ministry of Health announced on Monday the registration of 51 new cases of the emerging coronavirus, bringing the number of cases to 562.

The ministry’s spokesperson, Mohamed Al-Abd Al-Aali, explained that the cases of recovery from “Covid 19” disease caused by the Corona virus reached 19 cases.

The spokesman pointed out that no deaths due to the virus have been recorded so far in the Kingdom, which imposed the curfew.

In a related context, the Minister of Islamic Affairs Abdul Latif bin Abdul Aziz Al Sheikh called on all citizens and residents in Saudi Arabia to adhere to the implementation of precautionary measures with extreme accuracy, in order to preserve the safety of the citizen and the resident.

Al-Sheikh urged the importance of adhering to the instructions of the authorities, the most important of which was staying at home.

Earlier on Monday, the Saudi Ministry of Interior announced a set of sanctions that will be applied against violators of the curfew imposed to combat the emerging Corona epidemic.

The Saudi Ministry of the Interior said that whoever violates the curfew order “shall be punished with a fine of 10,000 riyals, provided that it is doubled in case of repetition.”

It pointed out that if the violator returns to committing the violation, he will be punished with imprisonment for a period not exceeding 20 days.

It added that the punishment does not apply to cases of extreme necessity, including urgent health cases, as determined by the competent authority.

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