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The Saudi Cultural Attaché in Cairo follows the conditions of Saudi students

By : Ahmed El Zelayia

Translated By : Taha Sakr

The Cultural Attaché of the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Cairo, Dr. Khaled bin Abdullah Al-Nami, follows the conditions of the Saudi students studying in Egyptian universities on an ongoing basis, through their visit or continuous contacts, as well as permanent communication with university presidents and deans of different colleges, especially in light of the crisis of the spread of the new Corona virus. Coved 19 around the world.

For his part, Dr. Al-Nami stressed that he is keen on continuous and daily follow-up to see the conditions and conditions of students of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia studying in Egypt, and follow up their studies, expressing his appreciation and thanks to the Egyptian efforts in providing the appropriate climate in light of the current global crisis.

Dr. Al-Nami also appealed to Saudi students studying in Egypt the need to adhere to the instructions of the concerned authorities in Egypt, which aim primarily to limit the spread of the Corona virus, and work to provide them with good protection, praising at the same time Saudi students in Egypt and their wonderful compliance with the instructions and providing an honorable picture For a hardworking Saudi student under any possible circumstance.

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