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Saudi Arabia lifts age limit for entering the Two Holy Mosques

Saudi Arabia sets guiding symbols to welcome children at Grand Mosque

The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah declared on Sunday that there are no age restrictions for pilgrims and visitors entering the Two Holy Mosques.

She clarified that the “Muhsan” status shown in the “Tawakulna” application is enough, as long as the appropriate approval is received through the “Umrahna” application.

The Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority’s “Sdaya” program, on the other hand, enabled reservations for Umrah ceremonies throughout Ramadan.

Reservations will be made using the new “The Rituals Gate” icon that was just introduced to the app.

Permits for conducting Umrah, worshipping in the Grand Mosque, and performing Tawaf can be obtained using this page.

In the respectable kindergarten of the Prophet’s Mosque, men and women can apply for prayer licenses, as well as examine transportation services, manage escorts, and other services.

Since the beginning of reservation availability, Fridays during the holy month of Ramadan have seen high reservations.

The rest of the days were lightly crowded, allowing those who wanted to perform the rituals to schedule them.

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