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Attempts to smuggle 1.1 million Captagon pills into Saudi Arabia is foiled by ZATCA

Attempts to smuggle 1.1 million Captagon pills into Saudi Arabia is foiled by ZATCA

The Saudi Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) in Duba successfully foiled four attempts to import 1,109,393 Captagon pills hidden in consignments arriving in the Kingdom through the port.

The authority claimed that a large quantity of Captagon was discovered hidden in various ways when many inbound trucks were submitted to customs processes and investigated using security techniques and live measures, such as “sniffer dogs.”

The authorities reported that the initial attempt at smuggling of 95,782 pills, which were stashed in distinct areas of one of the vehicles, was foiled.

It was revealed that the foiled third effort resulted in the finding of 51,761 pills hidden in the “wooden tables” consignment and that the foiled fourth attempt resulted in the discovery of 579,632 Captagon pills placed in a truck’s spare tyre.

It was also emphasized that after the seizure operations were finished, cooperation was coordinated with the General Directorate of Narcotics Control to ensure the arrest of the seizure recipients inside the Kingdom, where four people were apprehended.

The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority stated that it is continuing to tighten customs controls over Saudi imports and exports, as well as supporting smugglers’ efforts, to achieve the most important pillars of its strategy, which is to improve society’s security and protection by limiting smuggling attempts, such as pests and other contraband.

The authority urged everyone to help fight smuggling to protect society and the economy by contacting it at the designated security communications number (1910) or via e-mail at, as well as the international number (00966114208417).

The authority acknowledged that it receives reports connected to smuggling offenses and violations of the unified customs system through these routes in complete confidentiality, with a financial reward granted to the whistleblower if the information in the report is correct.

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