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Saudi Arabia Joins Celebration of International Day Against Illicit Trafficking

Saudi Arabia recycles pilgrims' ihrams through the "Mowan" initiative

Saudi Arabia participates with all countries of the world in the celebration of the International Day for Combating Trafficking in Persons, which was approved by the UN General Assembly, and falls on the 30th of July each year.

Saudi Arabia is making continuous and growing efforts to combat human trafficking crimes, based on its commitment to the provisions of the tolerant Islamic Sharia, which prohibits all forms of insult to human dignity, and affirms respect for and preservation of human rights and adherence to the conventions and protocols dealing with these crimes.

Saudi Arabia was not only satisfied with issuing legislation and regulations combating trafficking in persons but was also keen to make the necessary efforts to implement and activate this through mechanisms and initiatives, to enhance social awareness of the organizational, legal and procedural aspects of commitment to what preserves human dignity and protects his rights as a well-established principle and a fixed value.

The Saudi Ministry of Interior is working to arrest those who commit these crimes in all their forms, and the Saudi border guard sector is firmly and resolutely confronting attempts to smuggle all people, especially children and women who are exploited by transnational organized crime gangs in some forms of trafficking in persons, such as beggary and forced labor, to contribute to reducing Its social, economic and psychological effects.

The border guards also work side by side with the committee to combat trafficking in persons to enhance the success of the national plan to prevent this crime, and to provide assistance and support to its victims, through the implementation of specialized programs, including the training program for border guards employees to combat trafficking in persons, to qualify and train the employees of the border guards to combat this heinous crime.

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