Saudi Arabia: Corona infections are on the rise

A spokesman for the Saudi Ministry of Health, Muhammad Al-Abd Al-Aali, said, on Sunday, that the epidemiological curve of the Corona pandemic in the Kingdom is witnessing a high acceleration in the rise during the past 4 days, due to the mutant Omicron.

The spokesman added, during a press conference, that the previous waves of the Coronavirus passed through several stages, but the last wave is “the undisputed highest,” expecting “a rise in cases infected with corona during the coming period.”

He said, “This acceleration may decrease if we adhere to the level of precautions required of all of us and complete the anti-corona doses.”

Saudi Arabia recorded 1024 new cases of the corona, including 29 critical cases, in a daily toll that is the highest in months, bringing the total number to exceed the barrier of 558,000 cases.

The health spokesman pointed out that “the number of cases that need health care, hypnosis and admission to critical care, most of them are cases that have not completed doses of vaccines,” declaring that “the number of doses given in the Kingdom exceeded 51 million doses, and the number of those who completed immunization exceeded 23.1 million people.”

The Assistant Chief Executive Officer for Communicable Diseases Control at the Public Health Authority “Prevention” Imad Al-Mohammadi said, “The number of cases doubles within two days, and this may be attributed to the ability of the mutant Omicron to bypass acquired immunity, whether through vaccines or previous infection, in addition to its rapid spread. “

The security spokesman for the Ministry of Interior, Colonel Talal Al-Shalhoub, stated, “The pandemic is still casting a shadow over the countries of the world, and the epidemiological curve is still rising significantly and frighteningly, and it may bring us back for days that we do not want to return if we do not comply.”

Al-Shalhoub warned, “Anyone who works to spread rumors and spread false information regarding the Coronavirus pandemic, shall be fined no more than one million riyals, or imprisonment for no less than one year.”

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