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US-European statement calls for immediate dialogue in Sudan

A look at the plurality of armed movements in Sudan

The US and the EU called on the Sudanese army (Tuesday) not to unilaterally appoint a prime minister following the resignation of Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok amid protests against the military.

The Troika concerned with Sudan, which includes the US, Britain, and Norway, in addition to the EU, said that it “will not support a prime minister or a government that is appointed without the participation of a wide range of civilian stakeholders,” as stated in a joint statement, according to what was reported by Agence France-Presse.

The four countries said that they still believed in the democratic transition in Sudan, which was announced in 2019 after mass demonstrations, but they issued a veiled warning to the army if it did not move forward with it.

“In the absence of progress, we will consider accelerating efforts to hold accountable those who obstruct the democratic process,” They said.

The Troika and the EU called for elections, the date of which was set according to the democratic transition program in 2023, and for the building of independent legislative and judicial institutions.

“Any unilateral move to appoint a new prime minister and government would undermine the credibility of these institutions and threaten to plunge the country into conflict,” the statement said.

“To avoid this, we strongly urge stakeholders to commit to an immediate Sudanese-led dialogue facilitated by civil society to address these and other issues related to the transitional period,” he added.

Western countries have again warned of the army’s handling of street demonstrations. The statement called for “protecting the right of the Sudanese people to assemble peacefully and express their demands.”

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