Saudi Arabia begins the second phase of job localization

Saudi Arabia started on Monday the second phase of localization of more catering and supermarket professions.

This step will be implemented following a one-year grace period.

The second phase entails restricting Saudis from working in retail stores by 100% in the position of “section supervisor” and 50% in the positions of the “department manager”, “assistant branch manager”, and “branch manager”.

All supplies with an area of at least 300 square meters and supermarkets with an area of at least 500 square meters are included in the decision to localize supplies and supermarkets.

The Saudi Ministry of Human Resources recently announced the localization of 20 professions and activities across a variety of industries, as well as the creation of more than 378,000 employment for job seekers by 2021.

According to the Kingdom’s 2030 goal, by the end of the reform program, the unemployment rate among its population will be reduced to 7%.

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