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Saudi Arabia appoints 500 employees to regulate Umrah performers’ movement at Grand Mosque

The Agency for Promotion and Crowd Management at the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques has allocated 500 field employees.

The agency has trained employees on the tasks of organizing the entry, exit, and movement of visitors.

It also identified their locations for serving them, according to the highest quality standards.

The employees work to direct the worshipers to the designated chapels.

They direct the worshipers according to the least dense places to avoid crowding.

The agency has appointed human cadres with sufficient experience to deal with crowd density.

Director General of Tafweej , Eng. Rayan Sokati said: “24 hours a day, qualified human resources work to organize the movement of worshipers according to the field plans for tafweej.”

He added that the staff prepares reports and uploads notes, positives, and records necessary for fieldwork periodically.

Al-Tafweej in the Grand Mosque


He added, “The administration’s employees are also keen to ensure that there is no overcrowding and gathering in all chapels”.


He continued: “The promotional staff at the Grand Mosque continue to activate various studies, for developing the best solutions for promotional activities.”

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