Mawhiba opens the door for registration in 173 enrichment programs in 18 cities

King Abdulaziz and his Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity “Mawhibaopened registration for 77 programs within the “Mawhiba” academic, international, and research enrichment programs.


It also opened 96 “virtual” enrichment classes for about 12,000 students from various regions of the Kingdom.


Registration continues until June 13, 2023, while the academic and global program begins on July 23 until August 10, 2023.


The academic research program will extend to August 17, 2023.


“Mawhiba” Stated that it will hold attendance academic enrichment programs in 18 cities inside the Kingdom.


The programs will include 36 enrichment units.


Mawhiba will hold the programs “virtually” and include 16 enrichment units.


The urban research enrichment will hold its programs in 5 cities: Riyadh – Jeddah – Dammam – Dhahran – Al-Ahsa.


Also, 340 students will participate, while 60 students will participate in the programs that will be held through video communication.


She emphasized that the academic enrichment program includes the scientific and skill aspects; To enhance students’ personal and social skills, and provide them with twenty-first-century skills.


The program also considers aspects of qualification and training for students, at the hands of trainers and academics who have undergone continuous courses and advanced programs.


The Mawhiba Research Enrichment Program aims to introduce students to the basics and ethics of scientific research.


The program is characterized by investing in students during the academic stage. In preparation for entering the research field.


The Mawhiba program also helps them determine the scientific path at an advanced stage in order to set their future goals.

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