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Saudi Arabia ranks eighth, as the most active Twitter users in the world

The total number of visits and access to «Twitter» reached about 395.9 million visitors in various countries of the world during the month of January.

This report was issued by “We Are Social”, which is affiliated with the marketing research firm “Hootsuite”.

The United States of America topped the list of countries that use Twitter the most.

The total number of visitors reached 73.2 million during the current month of October.

Japan ranked second in the world in the number of visits and access to the Twitter platform, with 54 million and 150 thousand users during that period.

India ranked third, with a total of 18.8 million visitors, followed by the United Kingdom, with a rate of 18.3 million users.

«Brazil» ranked fifth in the world, with a total of 17.9 million users, last January.

“Indonesia” and “Turkey” ranked sixth and seventh – respectively – with a total of 15.1 million visitors – each – during that period.

Saudi Arabia ranked eighth in the list of countries with the most visits to the Twitter platform, with 13 million users

“Mexico” came in ninth place, with a total of 12 million and 50 thousand visitors during that period.

France ranked tenth in the world in the number of visits to Twitter, with a total of 9 million and 250,000 users.

Twitter is an American social networking site that provides a micro-blogging service

It allows its users to send “tweets”, with a maximum length of 280 characters per message.

Twitter has been available in Arabic since March 2012 and Arabizes all tweets.

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