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General President of Two Holy Mosques praises the Crown Prince’s visit to Prophet’s Mosque

The general President of the two holy mosques confirmed that the visit of Crown Prince Prince Muhammad bin Salman to the Prophet’s Mosque indicates his keen interest in the sanctifies.


The visit reflects the extent of his interest and keenness to stand in the comfort of visitors in the Prophet’s Mosque.


Crown Prince was keen to visit the Prophet’s Mosque, especially in this holy month when the worshipers’ turnout for the Prophet’s Mosque increased.


This is the third visit of the Crown Prince to Prince Muhammad bin Salman, the Prophet’s Mosque, in particular.


General President said, “The wise leadership gives excellent care to the various regions of the Kingdom, especially the Two Holy Mosques.

He added, “The visit of the Crown Prince to Medina in this holy month embodies his interest in the city of the Prophet PBUH.


Al-Sudais added that Prince Mohammed’s visit to Medina embodies his great interest in serving the Two Holy Mosques

It also represents the leadership’s great care for Two Holy Mosques and serving them personally.

He also stressed that the leadership is keen to ensure the provision of the best services to those who visit the two holy mosques.

The leadership tries to help worshipers to visit and pray in the two holy mosques with ease and reassurance.

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