Under Patronage of HRH Crown Prince, activities of AlUla Camel Cup start

Under the auspices of Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Saudi Crown Prince, Prime Minister and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Royal Commission for Al-Ula Governorate, the competitions of the first edition of the Al-Ula Cup for Camels were launched.


It was organized by the Royal Commission for Al-Ula Governorate, in cooperation with the Saudi Camel Federation.


The first day witnessed intense competition inside the Al-Ula Camel Field on the sports side, while the global event was accompanied by a group of activities and events that linked the past and the present in various aspects.


Visitors appeared in full elegance through distinctive costumes that reflected the nature and rich heritage of Al-Ula.


They enjoyed a unique experience in the heritage village specially designed for the Al-Ula Camel Cup. It gave them various local food options and brands with products of a heritage nature that were handcrafted, and distinguished connections to artistic and performance shows.


On Tuesday, 6 marathon runs were held for a distance of 4 km, divided between the categories “Hail and Thanaiya Bakkar” and “Zamul and Thanaiya Qa’dan”.


The camel “Faris Faraj Al-Juhani” won first place in the first half competitions, and the camel “Salem Obaid Allah Al-Hwaiti” won the second half competition.


The camel “Fares Salem Al-Balawi” won the third round, and the camel “Suleiman Hamdan Al-Balawi” won the fourth half competition.


The camel “Saeed Muhammad Al-Asri Al-Khaili” took the lead in the fifth round.


The camel “Hamza Adel Al-Daadi” concluded the competition on the opening day of the event by winning the title of the sixth and final game.


The competitions of the second day of the Al-Ula Camel Cup will continue on Wednesday, as it will consist of 4 rounds, “Two Haqaiq (4 km) and two Lakaya rounds (5 km)” for the “Bakkar” and “Qa’dan” categories.

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