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Pakistani President awards the Saudi military attache “Hilal Al -Imtiaz” Military medal

Pakistani President Dr. Aref Alawi granted the military attache at the Kingdom’s embassy to Pakistan, Major General Pilot Abdullah Al -Zahrani; The “Hilal Al -Imtiaz” (Crescent of Excellence)Military Medal.


This medal came as an appreciation for his efforts to enhance bilateral cooperation between the armed forces of the two countries.

The awarding took place during the celebration of the commemoration of the Pakistani ND.


This celebration was in the Presidential Palace in Islamabad.


Senior officials, heads of the Pakistani armed forces branches, and international political and military diplomatic figures attended the ceremony.


The military attache Al -Zahrani, expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Pakistani President for the awarding.

He stressed his keenness to enhance the existing bilateral cooperation between the armed forces of the two brotherly countries.


Al -Zahrani praised the directives of the Saudi Minister of Defense for strengthening relations between Pakistani and Saudi armed forces.


Hilal Al -Imtiaz” is the second highest medal that the Pakistani state gives to military officers who have made a worthy contribution.


This medal is given in particular to those who are interested in security in Pakistan, its national interests, global peace, cultural endeavors, or other important public endeavors.


The medal is a disc of golden jasmine, with five corners of a pure gold star in the center.


Additionally, in the middle of which is a green emerald with a golden crescent.


The Royal Saudi Air Force has always participated in its air maneuvers with the Saudi forces mixed.


This joint cooperation between the two countries enhances the strength of the brotherly relationship between them, especially in the military field.


The Royal Saudi Air Force has efficiency, high accuracy, and professionalism.

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