Saudi Arabia … 1912 new corona cases … 1313 recovered

Saudi Arabia … 1912 new corona cases … 1313 recovered

The official spokesman for the Saudi Ministry of Health, Muhammad Al-Abdali, revealed, on Sunday, that 1912 were confirmed as new cases infected with Corona virus, distributed in various cities and regions, while cases of recovery reached 1313, bringing the total recovery cases in the Kingdom to 11457 cases.

He said, “The total of infected cases in the Kingdom reached 39048 cases, of which 27,345 were active cases receiving appropriate medical care, of which 143 were critical cases receiving intensive and focused health care.”

Makkah Al-Mukarramah recorded 438 injuries, Jeddah 374 and Riyadh 363.

He also said that seven new deaths were registered with the Corona virus, bringing the total deaths in the Kingdom to 246 people.

He also affirmed that among the new infected cases, 21% were recorded among females, and 79% were registered among males, explaining that 35% of the epidemic prevalence in new cases recorded among citizens, while 65% of other nationalities were registered Cases.

Among the new cases, 8% were recorded in children, 89% were recorded in adults, and 3% were recorded in elderly people over 65 years of age.

The main symptoms of the virus

Moreover, the health spokesman stressed the most important behaviors that should be followed to avoid infection, these behaviors are: (being careful to wash hands – leave a safe distance – not to share personal tools), in addition to healthy nutrition and drinking fluids, especially water.

He also stressed that high temperature, interruption of appetite and fatigue are symptoms of the virus.

Al-Abdulali reiterated the importance of “benefiting from the commitment of society and the need not to be complacent.”

8,000  travel permits

For his part, the spokesman of the Ministry of Transport confirmed that the General Authority for Transport has completed more than 8000 permits to move during the time of the curfew for the administrative teams of all types of cargo transport facilities.

He also said, “more than 13,700 licenses for activities and operating cards have been completed, bearing in mind that during the pandemic period more than 9 million truck trips were made on various roads of the Kingdom.”

He continued, “As a result of the decrease in traffic during the time of the curfew and allowing trucks to enter the cities more often than previously, the average duration of the trip for trucks decreased by nearly 40%.”

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