Russia Announces Good News about Cancer Vaccine

Academician Alexander Ginsburg announced that the Russian vaccine against all types of cancer successfully passed tests conducted on laboratory mice.

Speaking to Gazeta.Ru at the Petersburg International Economic Forum, the academic indicated that the vaccine has passed tests on mice. It will be given to cancer patients either by injection directly into the tumor or intramuscularly, depending on the patient’s condition.

The academic also explained that they manufactured the vaccine based on mRNA technology.


He said: “The key advantage of this technology is that it enables the creation of high concentrations of the target antigen in the cells. This is crucial for the immune system to distinguish between healthy and malignant cells.”

He added: “We have proven that it is necessary to either inject the vaccine into the tumor or into the muscle. Because if it is given in the form of drops through the mouth. Moreover, it will reach the liver because it is covered by a fatty envelope. But if it is injected into the tumor or muscle, it will be distributed evenly throughout the body”.

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