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Rosary Sales Reach 30,000 per Day During Hajj Season

A rosary seller revealed that the value of rosary sales to pilgrims per day may reach 30 thousand riyals. He also pointed out that most of the nationalities of pilgrims who buy the rosaries are Syrians, Lebanese and Turks.

السُبح بألوانها وأشكالها المتعددة ضمن أبرز مشتريات الحجاج

The seller said during an interview with Al Arabiya: “We have many types of prayer beads, and pilgrims love the popular plastic and glass prayer beads.”

He continued: “Wood rosaries start from 30 riyals to 500 or 600 riyals, amber rosaries start from 500 riyals, and Lulu rosaries start from 100 riyals,” in addition to silver rings.

During the Hajj season, the markets of Mecca, which are filled with many goods, gifts and goods, register remarkable activity, and pilgrims flock to the gift shops. Moreover, they are keen to immortalize their blessed journey to the Holy Lands to perform the Hajj rituals by purchasing whatever gifts they can carry for their relatives in their countries.



The pilgrim’s gift or need has great meaning, beyond its value from Mecca and the holy sites. These gifts include accessories, fabrics, perfumes, prayer rugs, models of the Two Holy Mosques, rosaries, dates, and antiques with pictures of the Kaaba and the Grand Mosque. They are memorials for families and friends back home.



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