Riyadh Season 2023 Launches Treasure Competition

Riyadh Season 2023 has officially announced the start of the “Riyadh Season Treasure” hunt, a thrilling global event that begins on November 7​​.

It’s not just an ordinary competition; it’s a grand affair offering a staggering grand prize of $1 million. This event is a centerpiece of the ‘Big Time’ series of entertainment extravaganzas​​.

Entertainment Galore

The treasure hunt is one of many highlights of the annual Riyadh Season festival. Since its opening on October 28, the festival has introduced new zones and activities, such as Suwaidi Park, Boulevard World, Barbie World, and mega concerts​​.

Participation and Prizes

Open to competitors worldwide, the treasure hunt provides a chance to win weekly prizes totaling $600,000, in addition to the $1 million grand prize​​. The total value of all prizes is a breathtaking $1.6 million​​.

Ready for the Challenge?

Get set to exercise your intellect in this epic treasure hunt. Flex your brain muscles for a chance to secure weekly rewards and the enviable grand prize​​.

In sum, Riyadh Season 2023 beckons adventurers and thinkers globally to a festivity of culture, entertainment, and the thrill of the hunt.

With such a substantial prize pool, the “Riyadh Season Treasure” is not just a game; it’s a quest for glory amidst the wonders of Riyadh.

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