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Saudi Culture Ministry Launches ‘Voice of the Poem’ Competition

Saudi Culture Ministry launches 'Voice of the Poem' competition

The Saudi Ministry of Culture launched the “Voice of the Poem” competition through a dedicated electronic platform that allows everyone to participate.

The competition focuses on poetry recitation skills, targeting all age groups. It is part of the competitions of the “Year of Arab Poetry 2023” initiative.

The competition reflects the Arabic poetry’s cultural position as one of the most important components of Arab culture over decades.

It also begins by announcing selected poems from the eloquent Arabic heritage for each age group, then receive the participants’ work virtually via the electronic platform from today until November 16th.

How do Winners Qualify?

Participants from each age group qualify after a qualified and experienced committee in the field judges their work , taking into account several factors, including vocal performance, emotional communication, innovation and originality.

After that the winners are announced and their work is published via the electronic platform.

The “Voice of the Poem” competition targets all age groups, including citizens and different nationalities, provided that each participant takes into account the terms and conditions found on the competition platform.

Participants are divided in three categories: children from 6 to 11 years old, adolescents from 12 to 18 years old, and those over 18 years old.

Competition Stages


The competition begins with receiving participants’ work through the platform followed by the sorting and evaluation stage. The third stage is when the  judging committee evaluates the work to announce the finalists for each category. Finally,  the winners of the first three places are announced and their work is published.


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