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Riyadh Street Festival Makes Strong Global Comeback

The Riyadh Street Art Festival, known as the RSH Festival, marks a vibrant chapter in Saudi Arabia’s cultural expansion, showcasing the Kingdom’s commitment to becoming a global arts hub. This event is an engaging celebration of contemporary street art, bringing together artists, enthusiasts, and communities to experience the transformative power of this dynamic art form.

A Canvas for Global Street Art

The festival is returning to Riyadh, held in the historic area of Diriyah, from November 15 to December 6. It stands out with its unique name, “Rsh,” derived from the Arabic word for “spray,” symbolizing the essence of street art. Over 50 local and international artists are participating, transforming spaces with their creativity and providing a platform for cultural exchange​​​​.

Organized by the Saudi Ministry of Culture’s Visual Arts Commission, the festival is more than just an art show; it’s a dynamic platform for artistic exchange. Dina Amin, the CEO of the commission, envisions the festival as a means to transcend boundaries, forging links between diverse artistic practices, and engaging all age groups with a wide array of programs​​.

Artistic Direction and Curation

The artistic direction of the festival is steered by Cedar Lewisohn, a London-based artist and writer, alongside Saudi artist and graphic designer Basmah Felemban. Their collaboration has resulted in a family-friendly program featuring lectures, workshops, and immersive activities, such as dance performances, film screenings, streetwear pop-ups, and skateboarding sessions​​.

A Platform for Artistic Expression

At its heart, the festival aims to highlight contemporary art practices, focusing on street art, which was once a suppressed medium in the region. It serves as an empowering platform for artists, providing spaces to display their work and educating the public on alternative forms of creativity. The inclusion of a skatepark and live DJs contributes to the festival’s vibrant and interactive atmosphere​​​​.

A Legacy of Artistic Innovation

Riyadh’s Rsh Festival builds on the success of previous initiatives like Shift22, which saw the transformation of the abandoned Irqah Hospital into a canvas for street art. By continuing this tradition, the festival aligns with Saudi Vision 2030’s strategic goals, promoting cultural exchange and highlighting the kingdom’s flourishing creative scene​​.

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