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Traditional Building Art Exhibition Kicks off in Jeddah

Traditional Building Art Exhibition Kicks off in Jeddah
Traditional Building Art Exhibition

The Royal Institute of Traditional Arts in Jeddah initiated a Traditional Building Arts Exhibition. It embodies the works and innovations of students from the Traditional Building Arts Diploma program.

This event stems from the Kingdom’s rich cultural heritage and unique geographical and demographic diversity.

It aims to align the country with developed nations in tourism, culture, and entertainment.

Exhibit Duration, Content

The exhibit, lasting for 13 days at the historic Nassif House, showcases students’ projects from their two-year academic journey.

It takes visitors on a journey reflecting the students’ professionalism, skill, and the beauty of their work in traditional building arts.

These projects integrate the skills and knowledge they gained into works that contribute to the preservation and restoration of Jeddah’s historical heritage (Al-Balad).

Diploma Program Objectives

The Institute offers a two-year Traditional Building Arts Diploma program. Its goal is to empower national cadres through educational and professional preparation in traditional building.

The curriculum includes design, drawing, planning skills, and craftsmanship.

It deepens understanding of traditional building and design methods to preserve cultural heritage through scientific foundations, rigorous research, and field trips to ongoing heritage projects in historic Jeddah.

The program studies the functional, aesthetic, and social aspects of traditional building arts and their extension into contemporary life.

Institute’s Role, Traditional Arts

The institute aims to highlight national identity and enrich Saudi traditional arts locally and globally.

It promotes these arts, honors the distinguished and pioneers in the field, contributes to preserving their origins, supports national capabilities and practitioners, and encourages learning, mastery, as well as development of these arts.

Traditional Arts and Education at Institute

The traditional arts featured at the Royal Institute include Sadu, Al-Qatt Al-Asiri, pottery, traditional building, metalwork, woodworking, stonework, Arabic calligraphy, embroidery, textiles, palm frond crafts, and performing arts.

In addition to presenting ongoing education programs, including short and specialized courses, apprenticeship programs take 6 to 9 months, and academic programs span two years or more.

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