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Diriyah Brought to Life in UK Immersive, Free Exhibition

Diriyah, a name that resonates with deep historical significance for the people of Saudi Arabia, has been brought to life in the UK. This immersive, free exhibition at Outernet London, a hub for entertainment, arts, and culture, offered a unique journey through the rich cultural tapestry of one of Saudi Arabia’s most significant locales.

The Exhibition: A Fusion of Tradition and Technology

Visitors to the Diriyah UK Exhibition were greeted with walls echoing the warm tones of Diriyah’s mud-brick architecture, with majlis-style seating fostering a sense of traditional Saudi hospitality. The exhibit not only highlighted Diriyah’s past as the cradle of the First Saudi State but also its present as the heart of major developmental projects under the patronage of the Kingdom’s Public Investment Fund​.

Cultural Immersion and Public Engagement

The event provided an educational journey, allowing visitors to delve into the history of Diriyah, from the ancient Banu Hanifa tribe to the legacy of Imam Mohammed ibn Saud. It wasn’t just an exhibition; it was an interactive experience that allowed the public to engage with Saudi culture through traditional gahwa (coffee) and dates, as well as conversations with Saudis from the Diriyah Company​.

Showcasing Diriyah’s Vision for the Future

This UK showcase also served as a window into the future, highlighting the Diriyah development project, which prioritizes the preservation of the region’s traditional Najdi architectural style. The commitment and ambition to redevelop Diriyah while maintaining its cultural essence were evident​


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