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‘Riyadh Reads French’ Initiative Brings Together 80 Publishers at Book Fair

The French Embassy has launched the “Riyadh Reads French” initiative at the Riyadh International Book Fair 2023, which brings together 80 French publishers spanning various artistic and literary specializations, including children’s literature, in collaboration with Stéphane’s Bookshop, established in 1956.

Stéphane’s Bookshop: Pillar of French Literature in Riyadh

Stéphane’s Bookshop, named after CEO Nazih Stéphane, uses various sales channels. It expanded by adding a publishing library in 2008. The bookstore deals with novels, essays, and fine books. A focus is also placed on children’s literature and graphic stories. Particularly, an entire floor is dedicated to these genres.

The Regional Director noted interest from French academic circles. They aim to rejuvenate the French language worldwide. He praised the initiative’s turnout, despite English’s prevalence in Arab countries.

“Riyadh Reads French” is a pivotal platform for literary efforts. It underscores the endeavor to revitalize French language and literature. This is especially relevant in the Arab world, where English is dominant.

Bridging Literary Worlds

The collaboration between the French publishers and Stéphane’s Bookshop underscores a united front in bridging literary worlds, making French literature more accessible and celebrated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and potentially reaching wider audiences across the Arab region. This collaboration serves not only to promote cultural exchange but also to create a dialogue where stories, both visually and textually rich, traverse languages and borders, enriching the vibrant tapestry of global literature.


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