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Riyadh Launches Inaugural Edition of Main Food, Beverage Expo “Infliver”

Riyadh Launches Inaugural Edition of Main Food, Beverage Expo "Infliver"
Expo "Infliver"

The capital city of Riyadh launched  the inaugural edition of “Infliver”, a major expo dedicated to the food and beverage sector in Saudi Arabia. It is scheduled to take place at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center from Sunday 29 until October 31.

Organizers, Participants

The expo, organized by “Tahaluf” and supported by the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture,  hosted over 400 exhibitors, 200 investors, and 200 speakers representing 143 countries.

The event aims to showcase advancements and achievements in the Kingdom’s food sector to stimulate investment, economic growth, and global competitiveness.

Sector Growth

Highlighting the growing food and beverage sector in the Kingdom, the expo coincides with the launch of several significant projects, the opening of many hospitality outlets, and the rise of start-ups in the entrepreneurship sector striving to meet increasing local demand. Additionally, it explores the vast potential in the Kingdom’s burgeoning export sector.

Infliver 2023, Economic Impact

According to Anabel Mander, the Senior Vice President of Tahaluf, Infliver 2023 marks the beginning of a new phase in one of the most growing and vibrant sectors in the Kingdom.

The event underscores the importance of partnerships and collaboration to accelerate innovations driven by a passion for food.

Latest statistics indicate that the food sector in the Kingdom is valued at $14.16 billion, projected to grow to $34.04 billion by 2030.

Government Initiatives

Saleh Bin Dakheel, the official spokesperson for the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture, elaborated that the Kingdom has taken several significant steps to work on all levels of food systems, support and enhance food chains. It also included the launching an expansion plan to inject new investments of 17 billion Riyals in the poultry production sector, and adopting an expansion plan to increase agricultural production in greenhouses with investments amounting to 4 billion Riyals until 2025.

This has led to remarkable progress towards achieving sustainable development in the food sector, with self-sufficiency rates in many agricultural products exceeding 100%.

Quality Assurance, Branding

The ministry also introduced four labels to enhance the quality of agricultural, fisheries, and animal products in the Kingdom, represented by “Organic”, “Fish”, “Saudi Dates”, and a “Saudi Qab” certification. It aimed at elevating the market value of products, enabling farmers and investors to market and export their products, and enhancing marketing opportunities in both local and global markets, along with providing a reliable label ensuring product quality and safety.

Expert Sessions, Discussions

“Infliver” features a series of over 100 shows and knowledge-exchange sessions led by culinary experts and skilled chefs, covering topics like the development of agri-tech entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Other topics included environmental and social re-evaluation and governance, along with discussing the role of investors in promoting food security, justice, and sustainability.

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