Kingdom is a Food Safety Net: Growing Agricultural Base Enjoys Support from Government

Through a growing agricultural base which enjoys great support from the government, as well as strong food industries with active food and beverage markets, the Kingdom has become a veritable food safety net.
It is also characterized by the availability of logistical transportation and infrastructure, an advanced cold chain, the presence of national competencies and the presence of 27 airports and 10 major sea ports and land routes.
The plan targets a strategy for food security and the flour milling system in the Kingdom which is achieving a sustainable local food production system for specialized commodities, as well as diversifying and stabilizing external food sources.

The strategy includes an integrated system of operational programs to achieve its objectives. It includes sustainable agricultural production; food industry; food loss and waste reduction; an executive program for nutrition; food safety; food early warning system; emergency management; strategic food stocks and an executive program for governance.

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