Riyadh Airlines Signs Agreement with Lufthansa Systems

Riyadh Airlines has strategically signed an agreement with Germany’s Lufthansa Systems, marking a significant collaboration.

This agreement, focusing on technological advancement, involves implementing a cloud-based integrated operational suite.

It encompasses advanced solutions such as Lido Flight 4D, NetLine/Ops ++, NetLine/Crew, and NetLine/HubControl, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and coordination.

Benefits of Partnership

Efficient Route Optimization: Lufthansa Systems’ Lido Flight 4D technology will empower Riyadh Air to calculate the most efficient flight routes.

This initiative not only leads to substantial cost savings but also contributes significantly to sustainability by minimizing the carbon footprint.

Operational Excellence: The NetLine/Ops ++ system offers next-generation operational control.

It plays a pivotal role in optimizing daily flight utilization and adeptly managing deviations from regular schedules.

Thus enhancing productivity and managing airline operations effectively.

Enhanced Ground and Hub Control: With NetLine/HubControl, Riyadh Air can manage fully digitized aircraft turnarounds.

This feature effectively bridges the gap between airport and airline ground operations.

Crew Management Efficiency

NetLine/Crew will significantly bolster crew management through the introduction of a 24/7 operations support system.

This system will encompass various crew management domains, thereby facilitating more efficient communication with flying personnel.

Key Step Towards Maiden Flight in 2025

Furthermore, Peter Bellew, COO of Riyadh Air, has strongly emphasized the airline’s unwavering commitment to sustainability.

In light of this, the partnership stands as a clear testament to Riyadh Air’s ambitious goal to become a trailblazer in digital aviation sustainability.

Lufthansa Systems:  Industry Leader

Lufthansa Systems, a subsidiary of the Lufthansa Group, stands out for combining aviation know-how with IT expertise.

Over 25 years of experience, it has been developing innovative IT solutions, catering to more than 350 customers worldwide.

Its portfolio spans all airline business processes, from the flight deck to cabin and ground operations.

Future Prospects

Riyadh Air, unencumbered by legacy systems, starts with state-of-the-art, cloud-based IT solutions.

This positions the airline strongly for future growth.

Lufthansa Systems’ ongoing commitment to optimizing its operational suite promises a robust and evolving partnership.

In conclusion, the strategic partnership between Riyadh Airlines and Lufthansa Systems marks a new era in aviation, blending innovation with sustainability.

As Riyadh Air gears up for its maiden flight, this collaboration underscores its commitment to digital leadership and operational excellence in the global aviation industry.

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