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Launch Fusion: New Era for Data Solutions in Saudi Arabia

Mobily, stc, and Zain have joined forces to launch Fusion, a data company that aims to revolutionize the way government entities access and utilize data.

This collaboration, officially registered in May 2023, marks a significant milestone in the country’s digital transformation journey.

Need for Sustainable Practices

The launch of Fusion signals a significant leap forward in data solutions; it is crucial to recognize the broader context of sustainability within the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

A recent report by Bain & Co. and the World Economic Forum highlighted the importance of embracing sustainability practices in the region.

Challenges of Climate Change

MENA region faces specific challenges posed by climate change, which impact the nature, economies, and businesses operating within it.

To address these challenges, the report put forward several recommendations.

These include advocating for the adoption of science-based targets, promoting decarbonization of operations, emphasizing the need for resilient planning, and encouraging the mobilization of sustainable financial resources.

Fusion’s Vision , Aspirations

With the launch of Fusion, Abdulaziz bin Abdulwahab Al-Shamsi, the managing director of the company, outlined its vision and aspirations. Fusion aims to serve as the primary hub for contact data in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, offering comprehensive insights to government agencies.

The company’s goal is to empower government entities with the data they need to make faster, well-informed decisions regarding service delivery and resource allocation.

Collaborative Partnerships for Success

During the Digital Technology Forum 2023 in Riyadh, Fusion took a step further by signing memorandums of understanding with the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah and the Ministry of Tourism.

These partnerships aim to facilitate discussions on enhancing performance efficiency, increasing productivity, and promoting economic development and sustainability.

Importance of a Supportive Regulatory Environment

Fusion’s success is closely tied to the regulatory environment that supports innovation and experimentation.

The Communications, Space, and Technology Commission (CSTC) has played a pivotal role in enabling Fusion’s growth through the Regulatory SandBox for innovative solutions.

The CSTC’s support demonstrates the commitment of the Saudi government to fostering a thriving digital ecosystem.

Potential for Economic Diversification

Saudi Arabia has the potential to enhance economic diversification, increase exports, and create employment opportunities throughout the MENA region.

Akram Alami, partner and Middle East head of aviation, utilities, and sustainability and responsibility practices at Bain & Co., emphasized the need for ambition in climate commitments, urging major emitters and corporations to step up their efforts.

Shaping a Sustainable Future

The report underlines the importance of bold initiatives in shaping a sustainable future. Policymakers, businesses, and collaborative platforms all have crucial roles to play in this endeavor.

Maroun Kairouz, head of the MENA at the World Economic Forum, highlighted the essential components necessary for success.

Targeted Measures for Emission Reduction

Raja Atoui, a partner at Bain & Co. Middle East, emphasized the need for targeted measures in key emitting sectors such as utilities, heavy industry, oil and gas, and transportation.

By implementing efficiency improvements, utilizing renewable energy sources, and adopting cutting-edge technologies such as carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) and clean hydrogen, these sectors can significantly contribute to emission reduction efforts.

Saudi Arabia’s Commitment to Sustainability

Saudi Arabia has already taken significant steps towards sustainability.

The country has committed to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2060 and aims to secure 50% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030.

Initiatives like the Clean Development Mechanism Designated National Authority introduced during MENA Climate Week 2023 in Riyadh further demonstrate the Kingdom’s commitment to offsetting greenhouse emissions.

The launch of Fusion by Mobily, stc, and Zain marks a significant milestone in Saudi Arabia’s digital transformation journey.

Fusion aims to empower government entities with valuable insights and support faster decision-making processes.

The collaboration between telecom giants, along with partnerships with key government entities, demonstrates a collective commitment to driving positive change in the Kingdom.

With a supportive regulatory environment and a focus on economic diversification, Saudi Arabia is poised to lead the way in sustainable development and innovation in the MENA region and beyond.


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