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Saudi achieves peaks in diversifying renewable energy sources : Former US diplomat

David Randall, the former head of the US diplomatic mission in Saudi Arabia for more than 15 years, is this week’s guest on The (El Bo’ad Al Akhar) The Other Dimension Tv show that is broadcasted through the privately-run channel of Al-Arabiya.

Randall discusses the history of Riyadh-Washington relations and how oil served as a foundation for them, beginning with Aramco and progressing to later participation in crisis resolution and international stability.

“The world will continue to require Saudi oil for decades,” Randall said of the world’s demand for Saudi oil,” he added.

Randall emphasizes the country’s re-emerging importance in the development of other great economies, such as India and China.

Saudi Arabia exerted great efforts to create renewable energy sources, which will allow it to export more oil in the future, as well as the Vision 2030 plan for reaching balance and generating jobs.

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