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Riyadh Airways Introduces New Era in Aviation

Riyadh Airways Introduces New Era in Aviation
Riyadh Airways

Saudi Arabia’s ambitious aviation project, Riyadh Airways, spearheaded by CEO Tony Douglas, is setting the stage for a major shake-up in the global aviation industry.

The plans aim to operate a fleet of 200 aircraft and connect over 100 destinations by 2030.

Riyadh Airways is poised to become a significant player in the airline sector.

Vision of Riyadh Airways

The establishment of Riyadh Airways is part of Saudi Arabia’s broader “2030 Vision,” aiming to diversify its economy and reduce dependence on oil.

The airline, a subsidiary of the Saudi Public Investment Fund, is expected to start its operation in 2025.

Under the leadership of Tony Douglas, Riyadh Airways plans to focus on traffic to and from Saudi Arabia. It strives to distinguish itself from regional competitors like Qatar Airways and Emirates, which have turned their respective hubs into global connecting points​​​​.

Architect Behind Riyadh Airways

Tony Douglas, a British businessman with a rich background in aviation and infrastructure, currently leads Riyadh Airways. Initially, his journey in the aviation sector began with British Aerospace.

Subsequently, he held key roles at Kenwood plc, BAA plc, and took charge of the management of Heathrow Terminal.

Afterwards, at Etihad Airways, he made a significant impact by substantially reducing losses.

Finally, his appointment as CEO of Riyadh Air in 2023 marks a new chapter in his illustrious career.

Fleet, Destination Plans

In line with its expansive vision, Riyadh Airways is eyeing at least 150 narrow-body aircraft, with the Boeing 737 MAX as a top contender, alongside an existing order of 39 Boeing 787s.

This ambitious plan aims to connect to around 100 destinations by 2030, illustrating a “super aggressive” growth strategy​​​​​​.

Economic Impact

The airline aims to create 200,000 jobs and contribute $20 billion to Saudi Arabia’s GDP.

This initiative is in line with the country’s strategy to attract 100 million annual visitors by the end of the decade.

Finally, Riyadh Airways represents a significant step in Saudi Arabia’s journey to become a pivotal player in the global aviation industry.


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