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Riyadh Airlines to Buy Narrow-Body Aircraft

Riyadh Airlines to Buy Narrow-Body Aircraft
Riyadh Airlines

The director of operations at Riyadh Airlines said, on Monday, that the company is still moving with airline companies and placing an order to purchase a narrow-body aircraft.

The airline, owned by the Saudi Public Investment Fund, which began its plans in 2025, this month will purchase a “significant” number of aircraft required in the decision.

Riyadh Airlines


Riyadh Airlines was established in a strategic plan to diversify the Saudi economy.

The airlines would have about 170 employees by 2030. 150 employees have been employed so far, including 20 drones.

Saudia Airlines at Dubai Air Show

Saudia Airlines is set to make a significant impact at Dubai Airshow, a key fixture in the global aerospace calendar.

The show provides a perfect platform for industry leaders like Saudia to showcase their advancements and forge new partnerships.

Saudia Airlines has embarked on its journey with a humble fleet, initially focusing on domestic routes.

Over the decades, the Gulf’s national carrier expanded its network globally, connecting the Kingdom to the world.

The carrier operates extensive routes, covering over 95 destinations across four continents.

This strategic expansion reflects its commitment to connecting cultures as well as facilitating travel for both business and tourism.

Preparations for Dubai Airshow

In addition, the show presents the latest innovations of Saudia in aviation technology and customer service.

Accordingly, the airline will highlight its modern fleet which boasts some of the latest aircraft in the industry.

It will show the advancements in in-flight entertainment, and operational efficiency.

Furthermore, the carrier will announce new partnerships, emphasizing its role in the aviation industry.

This expansion is not just about increasing flight numbers but also about enhancing the overall passenger experience.

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