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Ramadan’s Rituals are Significantly Different in 2020

Ramadan is the holy month of Muslim countries; it is a special month that changes people’s habits due to the fasting rituals in this month. The way people eat, sleep, and act is dramatically shifted through this month. However, how will that go along with the pandemic of the coronavirus?

Ramadan is also known as a social month where people are gathering and looking for each other, but with the current situation of COVID-19, most of the mosques, shopping centers, restaurants, and other places are closed to decrease the spread of the virus. It is changing the way on how people are practicing the norms of this month.

It is turning everything into virtual and online. People are starting to order their Iftar online and finishing their work tasks at home. They are practicing their religious rituals at home instead of going to mosques. The crowded malls are now empty, and people are starting to order from online shops. Ramadan has an entirely new definition in the year 2020.

The bright side of this current situation is that people have more time to spend with their family members, and they are less busy. They have spare time to spend on their religious rituals or hobbies. It is a time of self-assessing and reprioritizing.

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