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Ramadan is the Chance for Change

Ramadan has a special place in the heart of Muslims, and it is an excellent time for a change. It has all the conditions that enable the brain to start a new habit. Why?

Because in the month of Ramadan, people usually stay alerted to not eat until the time of Maghrib; that on its own is an advanced level of conscious training to level up the capacity performance of the brain. Breaking a usual habit by a new one makes the brain in active mode instead of the auto-pilot mode. While that capacity is expanding in mind, a new room is created to build in a new habit. People usually underestimate that powerfulness, but it is real.

It may sound illogical because people tend to misuse the rituals of fasting. They do fasting as a way of routine more than understanding the concept behind it. Fasting is a powerful train for the mind to break up a habit in thirty days in a raw. That time is enough for consciousness to replace the old habit with a new one.

When someone is planning to renew himself or herself, it is very challenging sometimes to change. The key is always to start small. Making an agenda that explains someone’s vision, mission, strategy, and tactics would be a great start. After that, it comes to the challenge of keeping an eye on the small assigned tactics, and the best time for that is defiantly Ramadan.

Away from the religious side of these days of the month, this month has a massively different level of lifestyle. It could upgrade the mind if someone perceived Ramadan differently.

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